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More than 306 Certified Polygraph Examiners by Our Academy 

I would really recommend this course to any person of my field. This program helped me understanding many concepts and be able to resolve real situations with the polygraph in my job. 

Pekka Taneli


My team and I were looking for a professional training program to complete our knowledge in lie deception and apply it on our company interviews which would save us from lost of time and money.

The EPA team helped us a lot from the first moment and now we are a competitive company in the lie detector field

Steve Clement

Security Director

From beginner to Polygraph Examiner Expert in 3 Months

Join our Worldwide Class blended education. With the EPA E-learning Polygraph Course you will get the necessary skills and certification to reach the required level to start your career as a Expert Polygraph Examiner

  • You’ll get an International Valid Certification by EPA
  • You’re going to Learn the latest content in Lie Deception Technologies
  • You’ll practice in real cases such Sex Offenders or Pre-employment
  • You’ll get experience with real Polygraph equipment
  • You’ll have Access to more than 200 e-books related to this field

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